About Us

Board of Directors

The Jess Parrish Medical Foundation is an organization made up of citizens concerned with the health care needs of our community. The Board of Directors pledge their interest, time and financial support all for the continuation of quality health care in North Brevard.

Christopher Broome, Esq.
Barbara Terhune
E. Eugene Sego, R.Ph.
Jessie Kirk
Rachel Terry
Treasurer and
Co-Chair, Annual Gifts
Richard Boggs
Immediate Past Chair
George Mikitarian
PMC President/CEO
N. Christine Sylvester
Annual Gifts
Judy Allender
Major and Planned Gifts
Randall Coleman
Major and Planned Gifts
Christopher Manion M.D.
Corporate Gifts
Jason Snodgrass
Member at Large
Lisa Karimpil Mathews
Member at Large

Board of Directors

  • Jerry Allender, Esquire
  • Santiago Bulnes
  • Janet M. Cathy
  • Herman Cole
  • David Ferguson
  • Tim Hartsfield
  • Dorothy Hudson
  • Terry Lee
  • Melissa Lugo
  • Patricia Manning, Ed.D.
  • William McCarthy
  • Carla McRae
  • Roger Miller
  • Katherine Musick
  • Ron Norris, Jr.
  • J.J. Parrish III
  • Howard W. Rinker, D.D.S.
  • Turmy Sieveking
  • Philip Simpson, Ph.D.
  • Timothy Skeldon
  • William Terry
  • Michael Van Heusen

Committee Chairpersons

  • Annual Gifts: N. Christine Sylvester and Rachel Terry
  • Physician Gifts: Christopher Manion, M.D.
  • Community Grants: Jerry Allender, Esq.
  • Major & Planned Gifts: Judy Allender and Randall Coleman
  • Stewardship: Richard Boggs
  • Scholarships: William Terry