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Center for Lifelong Health

Chronic diseases cause major limitations in daily living for one in 10 Americans. Seventy percent of all deaths in theassets/content/lifelongHealth.jpg U.S. are a result of people diagnosed with chronic diseases and disability.  Much of the illness, disability and death associated with chronic disease are avoidable through known prevention measures.

Parrish Medical Center is a place where patients and their families receive compassion, care and respect. As one of America’s finest healing environments, the community’s health and well-being is our foremost concern.

Your gift will help fund the following programs and services which will help us live our vision of Healing Families—Healing Communities:

Center for Lifelong Health

The Center for Lifelong Health will be located in the Parrish Health Village’s east end and will include prevention, education, early detection, disease management, and support services for individuals with chronic conditions.

Programs of the Center for Lifelong Health will include: support groups, evidence-based health education programs, better breathing programs, heart health, mental health counseling, and adjunct services such as nutrition, medication management and therapeutic activity programs.

The need is evident. With your help, we can establish the Center for Lifelong Health for seniors, caregivers and baby boomers so that they learn to take a proactive approach to their overall health and wellbeing. 
Center for Lifelong Health Naming Gift: $350,000

Diabetes Education Program Scholarships

Since Brevard County has a higher than countrywide average of diabetes, the Parrish Health Village will house a full-service diabetes education program within the Center for Lifelong Health. The diabetes education program will include prevention, education, self-management and support services for individuals with chronic conditions. The following are statistics about diabetes:          

  • 8.3% of the nation’s population has diabetes
  • 11.1% of Brevard County’s population has diabetes

Parrish Medical Center’s diabetes education program will house the following services in a single location making it one of a few full-service programs in the region:

  • Individual counseling sessions held in an office setting
  • Group classes in a classroom
  • Fitness programs held in a fitness education center
  • Meal planning programs offered in a “teaching kitchen”
  • Exam rooms for Intensive Insulin Management Instruction, Insulin Pump Instruction, Continuous Glucose Monitoring training & diagnostic testing
  • Future plans include an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner providing individual appointments for medication management.

Your gift will help provide scholarships to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford the services of the diabetes education program.
A gift of one scholarship: $1,200
Annual need: $30,000 for 25 scholarships