Gifts in Action

Gifts in Action Overview

Our generous supporters have provided funding for the following community programs and services:

Caring for our seniors

  • The Parrish Health Village…where an innovative healing environment brings together a variety of healthy aging services for seniors and their caregivers within a charming, historic setting.
  • Parrish Senior Consultation Center…where 3,000 yearly patient visits ensure our aging adults are maintaining healthy, independent lifestyles. Our board-certified geriatrician collaborates with seniors, their family/caregivers and physicians to improve health, functioning and understanding of complex aging issues.
  • Parrish Senior Solutions…where an experienced elder-care case manager provides counseling, and connects seniors and their caregivers with trusted resources, such as home care, assisted living, financial planning, adult day care and support groups.

Helping our children reach their full potential

  • The Children’s Center…where parents of special needs and/or typically developing children can seek help with numerous health, therapy, education and child development programs in a single location.
  • A sensory rich, handicap-accessible playground … where more than 230 children play each day.
  • Scholarships totaling $15,000…awarded annually to approximately 30 families for their children to receive services they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.

Providing health and wellness services for our community

  • A Cancer Care Boutique...that provides a pampering environment with the resources to help cancer patients adjust to the psychosocial effects of cancer.
  • Mammograms…for hundreds of women without the insurance to pay for them.
  • Stereotactic breast biopsy technology…a less invasive biopsy procedure used to diagnose breast cancer.
  • Diagnostic tools…needed by our physicians to identify such things as peripheral vascular disease or sleep apnea as early as possible.
  • Healing in Motion van transportation program…that helps provide people in our community with access to medically necessary services and life-prolonging treatments they otherwise might not receive due to inadequate transportation.
  • Grants…to small health and wellness organizations totaling $50,000 or more each year.

Supporting future generations of healthcare professionals

  • Medical scholarships…totaling $15,000 or more are awarded annually to approximately 20 graduating high school seniors who reside in the North Brevard County District and are planning a career in the medical field.
  • The Karla Foster, RN, Memorial Nursing Scholarship…allows residents of North Brevard County to pursue their dream of becoming a nurse who serves and provides healing care to our community. This $3,000 scholarship is awarded annually.