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Healing Experiences

Parrish Medical Center (PMC) care partners

(employees, physicians and volunteers) live the same mission:

healing experiences for everyone all the time.

Healing experiences are truly meaningful connections and experiences given from one human out of love, caring and respect for another human.

Through the Jess Parrish Medical Foundation's Make a Difference Recognition Program, care partners are recognized for providing healing experiences. Following are some of the comments received from grateful patients:

  • Dear ICU Team, My children and I appreciate all the kindness and care you gave our dad and husband.
    Rachel N.
  • Dear 3rd Floor Staff, Thank you for the excellent care I received from everyone. Anytime a person has to be in a hospital, it is no where you want to be, but you all made it as pleasant and comfortable as anyone could hope for. Thank you again.
    Jerome S.
  • Dear 4th Floor Staff, All nurses, CNAs, doctors, testing staff, transporting staff, and cleaning staff were the best. Positive, caring, fun, cheerful, helpful, kind, and patient. Thank you!
    Martha Z.
  • Dear Leticia Runkey, You were wonderful. You always had a smile on your face. You were always looking for something to do to help. It made me happy to see you walk in my room.
    Joseph J.
  • Dear Gloria Thomas, You are a wonderful, special person.
    Barbara D.
  • Dear Denise Suppa, You were a Godsend and very special in every way. Very caring. God Bless Parrish and all doctors, nurses and all help.
    Flora H.
  • Dear Catherine Holmes, Thank you so much for your outstanding support and your dedication to detail during your home care visits while I have been recovering from surgery.
    Robert H.
  • Dear Elizabeth Bryer, I have never in my 85 years met someone as good to me. I called and told the hosptial she was a beautiful person.
    Violette D.

It's very likely that your life, or the life of someone close to you, has been touched by a PMC care partner.

Now you have an opportunity to say thanks.

Through our Make a Difference Recognition program, you can honor a PMC care partner by making a gift to the Jess Parrish Medical Foundation and writing a personal note of thanks to him or her. The individual will be notified you are honoring them (unless you prefer to remain anonymous), and will receive a small token of our appreciation. Our care partners enjoy hearing they've done a great job, and recognition from you means so much.

For more information about this program, read our brochure or contact us at 321-269-4066.

We believe in our mission, and together with the right people who share our values, we are achieving that mission.