Recognition Gallery


The Gift of Light

A tribute gift program is available all year and culminates with the Gift of Light, where a traditional holiday tree lighting is held at Parrish Medical Center. It is a beautiful family event that brings generations together to celebrate the joys of the holiday season and generosity of the community. The event is co-sponsored by Parrish Medical Center, the Parrish Medical Center Auxiliary, and the Jess Parrish Medical Foundation. You can make a gift to the Foundation in honor or memory of someone special to you. Gifts of $35 or more provide the donor with a light on the tree in the honoree's name, and gifts of $100 or more provide a light on the tree's star.

2014 Honorees

In Honor of:

Arianne Alexander
Tamara Alexander
Dr. Frank & Marilyn Dienst
Dr. Tronetti, Janet Rooks & Staff
Marylyn Gramm
John & Karen McRae
Peter Nickolenko
Ruth Otto
Park Avenue Baptist Church – Breakaway
Catherine Pfeifer
Nellie Radcliff
Debby Settle & Kathy Simonsen
Dr. Simon Symeonides
Barbara Terhune
Rachel Terry
Addie Todd
Mr. & Mrs. Geff Tolbert
Linda Utz

In Memory of:

Gwyn C. Allender
Sal Amoroso
Catherine Androsko
Mary Aniello
Sue Bales
William R. Berry
Jackie Brissette
Carol Bristol
Dorney Brown
William and Lorraine Brown
Lillian B. Browning
Raquel F. Bulnes
Nene' Carrillo
Dr. Frank Colombo
Evelyn Cullen
Katharine Cundey
Francis, Maria & Ronnie Das
Donald A. Dawson
Joseph Dolinger
Margaret Duester
Richard and Peg Duester
James Robert Elder
Brad Facey
Robert Faller
Jerry Ferringer
Annette Fussell
Yolonda Garvin
Erwin & Ruth Gerber
Jack & Evelyn Glidewell
Alex Gosling
Marion D. Haines
Lanier Hattaway
Barbara (Bobbi) Hosley
William E. Housel
E. J. & Byrdie Houston
George H. Hudson
Elizabeth V. Jewell
C. A. Johnson
Katie Jones
Betty J. Jordan
Donald C. Jordan
Steve & Helen Langgle
Annabelle Loftus
Johnnie Lord
Jeanne Lyerly
Ted B. McClure
Jean Meister
Marvinny Melba
Rick Metts
Janet J. Meyers
Helen Mikitarian
Julius Miller
Walter Morock, Jr.
Judy R. Morter
Anna Myer
Anthony Myer
Erwin P. Orencia
Isagani V. Orencia
John Palombo
Jada Pepin
Catherine Pfeifer
Past Pilot Club Members
Francis Porter
Cursey & Pauline Ray
Augusta Rinker
Howard P. Rinker
Linda J. Rinker
Juan C. Rivera
Jacqueline Sappia
Kenneth H. Shoenberger
Bob Sikorski
George Smirl
Leon Paul Smith
Lisa C. Sokoloski
Earl Spencer, Jr.
Bernard & Edna Statmore
George Steel
Irving Steele
Gene Sylvester
James H. Sylvester, Jr.
Kathleen Taylor
Harold Whitt
Herbert Wilson
Robert Wolf
Gary Yarbrough
Melvin J. Zoller

Gift of Light Donors

Dr. Patricia Alexander
David Allender
Jennifer Allender
Jerry and Judy Allender
Christina Amoroso
Dollie M. Boggs
The Families of Drs. Boodhoo, Galfo & Osmon
William and Laura Boyles
Lynda Brockway
Mr. and Mrs. Santiago Bulnes
Richard and Marie Casto
Charles and Eva Chesteen
Coastal Health Systems of Brevard
Herman and Joyce Cole
John and Regina Cole
Carolyn Coyle
Michael & Peggy Crooks
Mary Dawson
Mary Ann and Ted Debusman
Evelyn Dickason
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Dienst
Linda Dolinger
Paul and Lori Duester
Ethel B. Elder
Deena L. Ellis
Susie Facey
Mary Beth Ferringer
Billie Fitzgerald
Florida Cardiovascular Association, P.A.
Dudley and Sue Garner
Howard and Barbara Gass
Randall and Karen Gipson
Carol Gosling
Gail Gregory
Jackie Haines
Gary G. Hayward
Elizabeth Honeycutt
Dr. David L. Hosley
Judy Housel
Lang and Judy Houston
Gail Hudson
Jess Parrish Medical Foundation
Richard Jewell
Robert and Karen Jordan
Paul and Kathy Jossey
Michael Kahn
Dr. and Mrs. Maxwell King
Bob and Jessie Kirk
Troy A. Kishbaugh
Kristine M. Leahy
Marty and Terry Lee
Arthur and Amy Lord
Betty McCallister
Bill and Jean McCarthy
Shirley McClure
Rick and Donna McCotter
Todd McQueston
John and Karen McRae
Thomas and Catherine Mead
Richard and Catherine Metts
Daniel Meyers
Jeanne Miller
Al and Kathy Myer
Margaret Nickolenko
Leona Niemann
Jerry and Martha Noffel
Tom and LaDonna O'Bryon
Elenita P. Orencia
Jay and Tricia Parrish
Parrish Medical Center
Dr. Denis Perez and Dr. Idaigna Alvarez
Pilot Club of Titusville
Steve and Alicia Reteneller
Stan and Trish Retz
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Rinker
Robert and Maureen Rupe
Alfred Sappia
Paul and Jennifer Secor
Paul and Jean Seiffert
Dr. and Mrs. Ashok Shah
Kathleen Shoenberger
Kristen Sikorski
Brenda Skalet
Laurie Smirl
Matthew and Caroline Sokoloski
Catherine Spencer
Elaine J. Steele
N. Christine Sylvester
Terry and Barbara Terhune
Holden C. Terry
Ed and Nancy Turgeon
Lena Walencik
Dr. and Mrs. William Walls
Thedia Ward
Bob and Marilyn Weigel
Karin Whitt
Fred, Misty & Alyssa Wilson
Mary Wilson
Robert and Suzanne Yarbrough
Zoller Family Foundation